A few important problems.

  • There’s no host migration.

    No lobby to let people quit or join before the match starts results in unbalanced teams and scores.

    No player-voice volume setting and it’s quiet, so if you don’t have headphones you can’t hear your teammates.

    That’s pretty much the only problems I encountered so far, other than the occasional lag.

  • At least you guys actually get voice chat.

  • We had voice chat but there were so many problems with it they eventually outright removed it.

  • I cannot find a single game that is not lag ridden.

    No, it’s not my internet. They need to provide a server browser so i’m not connecting to a host in Zimbabwe.

  • How dare you insult Zimbabwe’s internet! Kenya get any worse? Also yeah lemon, I know the story, but we still need voice chat. How hard could it really be? I’m not part of TBS so I’m allowed to ask an ignorant question like that.

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