Fixes are needed pretty badly - Xbox 360 console.

  • Bought the xbox 360 version on release day, and went in, expecting some quirky bugs and such.
    What I got was something that is lagging to all hell. I can just about manage to play with melee classes (Parrying is …. difficult is an understatement, with laggy swings), but archery is utterly impossible (Teleporting targets).

    There’s a couple of key features that need fixing ASAP, really.

    1: The lag. First and foremost. Very nearly game destroying. Actual servers instead of peer hosting would also help, as so many hosts are rage-quitting because they die to lag-beheading, or because they aren’t as skilled as some other players, and it completely ends the game, booting EVERYONE out. Team objective is utterly pointless, if the host quits when the enemy team has pushed to the last objective…

    2: Being able to join games as a party: Inviting a friend to an xbox live party, and then joining a game, should bring you both into a game with enough slots, just like Call of Duty, so that you don’t have to join a game hoping that it isn’t full, and then try to invite a friend, but have the game suddenly fill up. I at least want to have someone competent watching my back, instead of a Swing-happy-McStabface on my team swinging all horizontals from behind me, with no regard for my allergy to not having a head.

    3: The menu. What game has a menu that you can bring up with the start button, but can’t close in any other way than selecting “Return”…? Changing the sensitivity is a nightmare, because you have to mash the D-pad left or right to move it up/down a notch at a time, instead of being able to hold the stick and set the level fluidly.

    4: Swings that aren’t swings, But are:

    This situation sadly happens a lot. A guy comes in swinging, so I try parrying. The game says that apparently, he pulled a feint, and yet, I’m still hit, as though he’s swung in full, and I stood like a lemon/tinman crossover and let it happen. If I’m lucky, this only happens with the man-at-arms, but sometimes, even the knights and vanguards are doing it. Big sweeping swings that have the properties of feinting, that don’t complete the attack animation (Allowing for a faster followup swing), and yet still manage to hit/kill.


    Other than these, I can live with some bugs and glitches for a while. Fix the game-breaking stuff first please.

  • Reason #3 is really annoying, there should always be a button-press to close the menu, like B. And d-pad doesn’t work in the menu.

    A lot of basic features are missing from this game.

  • They had to dumb it down for you thumb players. Lag started with the netcode from the engine changes the devs made early on. I doubt it will get any better. The best way is local lan party.

  • So you say seeing 1 bar of connection across the scoreboard (Host aside) is going to be the norm?

    Such a shame….

  • @Retsnom:

    They had to dumb it down for you thumb players. Lag started with the netcode from the engine changes the devs made early on. I doubt it will get any better. The best way is local lan party.

    Pshh, Thumb players…

    If I had the money, I’d have a PC that could run this stuff ._.

  • I think what you mean with #4 is the “dragging” concept, which is where you begin a swing at somebody so they block, and you then look away to delay your swing, allowing your opponents block to fall before your weapon subsequently strikes them.

    #1 tho… Really, whats the point in peer-hosting in an intensely timing-based game like chivalry, what on earth were you thinking TB?

  • They were thinking everyone had better upload speeds?

    Then again I can run a listen server fine on my computer with 10 people no problems with my awesome 0.9mbps upload speed. Its essentially what the Xbox version is doing that’s why they implemented it for PC too.

    And lol people’s connection is shown in bars. Are console players too stupid to understand the concept of ping or are TB being really mean.

  • This is what I have seen based on your feedback.

    1:The game starts to get laggy at 8 players please do a quick fix to cap out players when hosting a game.

    2:This would be nice but it is very easy to host a server. A server list would be fine too.

    3:I have to agree with you there.

    4:This might be lag try dueling and see if it still happens.

  • 1. As much as I hate to say it, I can’t see Torn Banner fixing the lag issues, they can barely provide support for the PC version as is.

    2. It has no party join? that’s a major problem that they will probably work on, playing with friends is some of the greatest fun the game offers.

    3. They don’t have an amazing history when it comes to interfaces, the server browser on PC was broken for months and months.

    4. Ghost swings were a huge problem for a time on PC, but I guess on console it’s a side effect of the netcode changes for the system.

  • I don’t think TBS works on the console versions though, some 3rd part company does :L

  • Lavish,i’m sorry your having such problems,but I myself do not.lag is…there but not terrible(normally).also,try dueling to get a better idea of dragging/accelerating.good place to practice.Now,pc players,please stop talking down on us console players,you have no right to.We are not so diff than you,we just prefer a diff system.We are NOT the mindless cavemen so many seem to think we are.Thankyou for your time,have a nice day!

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