The tornbanner love thread

  • So here we are 2 years later.
    Who became the top spammer well lemonater.
    Should we hate him or love his tenacity.
    Depends if you like CMW or DW (ugh).

    But zombie joe is our self professed manager
    But slasher is his secret passion

    Tibbs is our leader what is his game
    Probably same goals of slasher but
    lets face it he has led the team
    and it would be unjust to use a pool meme

    Bottom line CMW is their base
    Multiple developers to make this cool
    If you suck ass and cannot face
    Oy’s race card then the forum is not for you.

    If you are girl pics to prove that
    its ok to make guys wack
    because as gay as CMW is its ok
    as long as sex is to be had

  • It’s like a love poem that doesn’t rhyme. I was following it kind of though.

    I give you :lemo::lemo::lemo: lemons out of :lemo::lemo::lemo::lemo::lemo:. try harder pls tbh but nice effort, lol.

    /trading racecards

  • very touching, slasher was always my not so secret love

  • I doubt this love idea is worth much tbh. The interaction by TB is so heart warming who needs love hehe.
    They have a few blue lions to cull the lambs here. As for the regulars who actually believe being hit with
    a stick is cool while coming back for more non interaction or even an acknowledgement from TB that
    they not only live but put good solid cash into this product is like watching a melodrama with as much
    plot as a TV add for the conservative party out of the SS uniforms for the public to adore.

    If the op seeks some validation or pet on the head from TB he is truly a lamb with a tail at both ends

  • spare the rod spoil the child tbh

  • @gregcau:

    If you are girl pics to prove that

    but what if girl pics is kill?

  • I’d like to thank the 2nd best spammer for congratulating me on my achievements.

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