How do i change spawn times?

  • Initialize game variables and Set minimum spawn time doesnt work.

  • Works in TO2 after (re-)starting map.

  • Is there something specific you want to do? I know how to reduce respawn time, and could possibly increase it as well, but would have to test and see.

    I was able to reduce respawn to 1 by connecting Set minimum spawn time to Initialize Game Variables. I set the Min Spawn Time Bonus to -6. If you make the map have no respawn using this method, it breaks the map and it won’t end properly.

    Tested it in UDK, it worked to increase the minimum respawn as well. This worked on FFA game mode, didn’t test in TO or TO2.

    Picture of simple kismet used.

  • so lower than -6 breaks the map?

    i did the exact same thing but it only works in FFA for some reason

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