Where am I bottnecking?

  • CPU Int I-5 3.9 ghz 4690k
    GPU Radeon 280
    8 gig ddr3 ram 1600 mhz
    Windows 7 64 bit

    I have to turn down a few settings to get 120 fps. I am running 64 bit. What do I need to tune up GPU or CPU?

    I want to run everything but ragdoll and decals at max.

  • CPU always. You could be running a GPU half as good and get the same results.

    I don’t know of anyone who runs the game at max with max ragdolls at a constant 120FPS. What you ask is impossible.

  • I’d be glad if I’d get a consistent 60 fps, but my frames drop down to 40 on certain maps like King’s Garden, Battlegrounds and Drunken Bazaar. It is just really terribly optimized.

    My specs for comparison:

    Xeon E3-1231 V3 (pretty much a non OC’d i7 4770)
    Geforce GTX 970
    8GB DIMM-1600 Ram

    Game still runs like shit. Though it seems to run better on a friends PC, with an i5 2500k at stock clock, so I’m not sure why I get worse fps than him.

  • Well I said everything but rag dolls. Anyways thanks for the feedback maybe ill oc my cpu.

    @nil I turned off light shafts, shadows, foilage, vigente and some other light setting. I also set rag to 3 and decal to 1. Everything else is maxed and I can get 120 fps most of the time. Character quality is another big fps killer.

    I also replaced my old hd with a ssd and upped my ram to 1600mhz (800mz it doubles it) in my bios. My ram was not running at 1600 by default, it was much lower.

    After I unlocked my fps I was surprised to see how easily I attained 120 fps you should try it. 64 bit seems to help a bunch too.

    Also your xeon looks from a simple good search to be more of a work station cpu, which can normally game just fine, but perhaps maybe that is why it is so poorly optimized for the small team chiv.

    In single cpu bench marking your cpu is actually below mine. As others have told me this game relies mostly on a single cpu. Not much lower.

    p.s. I also have a cheap water cooler on my cpu.


    p.s.s. I also turned off all my power saving bios settings, I think it really helps. My cpu used to dip down to like 500 mhz on its own to save power, now its at a constant 3.9 (turbo).

    p.s.s.ss. another thing that used to bog down my little bros computer, turn down the sound quality, sometimes that f things up

  • GPU. 120fps isn’t an easy feet on max settings on any modern game when you’re only running a 280. Pick up a 290 or a 970. Will be a small improvement, but an improvement none the less. I doubt a CPU upgrade will do much of anything for you.

    The only way you’re going to get consistent 120fps on max is to SLI/Crossfire.

  • Thanks for the detailed answer Band.

    My Settings are the following:

    Dynamic Lights, Light Shafts and Vignette on - everything else off
    FXAA low
    Ditail, Character, Foliage, Particle and Texture on medium
    Anisotropic Filtering 8x

    I still drop to 40 fps when playing coldfront and there are many other maps I drop to 50 frequently

    I have Chivalry installed on my Samsung 840 SSD and my RAM clocks at 1600 MHz.

    I have a very large CPU cooler and even when all 4 cores are stressed at 100% it the temperature doesn’t exceed 44°C, so heat is definitely not an issue.

    The Xeon E3-1231 V3 is a workstation processor in name only, and at ~210€ it’s really targeted at consumers and not server operators. It is absolutely identical to an i7 4770 (without the k) but lacks - like all xeons - the graphics unit (which I don’t need). It also has some additional features like support for ECC RAM (which I don’t need either). It just costs less because of the missing GPU.

    The Benchmarks are - as always - a little weird. The Benchmark list you posted puts the Xeon a little under the 4770 in single thread performance, cpuboss on the other hand puts the xeon a little above the 4770 in the same category measured with the same benchmarking program. When I run the single thread CPU Mark myself, I get a score of 2390, much higher than the score from cpubenchmark.net. Anyways, it is within the the variation you would expect from a single Haswell core at 3.4GHz (3.8GHz turbo) with 256kB L2-cache and 8MB L3-cache. Your i5 is oc’ed to 3.9 GHz, so you would expect superior single thread performance, but not such that would account for 100+ fps with higher settings, versus 45+ fps at lower settings.

    Also, I play this game mostly with a friend who has an i5 2500k at stock speed (with much lower single thread performance than the Xeon) and doesn’t experience any of the issues I seem ti have.

    I have experimented with Nvidia’s DSR options a little bit, and seem to get similar, though maybe even slightly better fps when playing at higher resolutions (2x and 4x respectively). Unfortunately at 4x the resolution the HUD becomes much to small to make downsampling at this level useful.

    Disabling energy saving options in the bios and using a high power profile in windows seems to make absolutely no difference.

    I haven’t tried messing the audio options, though I doubt that this is causing the performance problems.

    I guess I have to settle to playing the at crappy frame rates. It sucks, but what can I do? Hopefully Torn Banner’s next project uses direct x 12 and utilizes multiple threads better, so bottlenecks like mine can be prevented.

  • @entire:

    GPU. 120fps isn’t an easy feet on max settings on any modern game when you’re only running a 280. Pick up a 290 or a 970. Will be a small improvement, but an improvement none the less. I doubt a CPU upgrade will do much of anything for you.

    The only way you’re going to get consistent 120fps on max is to SLI/Crossfire.

    Lol its not the graphics card which is his problem. I bet you on max he probably has less than 50% GPU usage while CPU usage on one core is almost maxed.

  • Your system is quite ok op. Simply put turn of bsmooth ie false, however not for long as its noted at how loud the
    system gets. All of these systems in thread are good tbh, why waste such time on this coded game that has
    many leaks of memory and lacks correct use in coding at every turn. Bear in mind this is what TB inherited
    by making a mod. At some point if they want to invest time this game must be build from scratch by TB.

  • I’m sure you tried it but I would try turning this off
    Dynamic Lights, Light Shafts and Vignette Off
    Foilage off
    character qual low
    decals off
    ragdolls off

    I use 5.4g+ of ram while playing chiv, just a thought, you might want to force 64 bit. My old system would not run 64 bit unless I forced it.

    Most likely the game is not optimized for that CPU, which sucks. Have you tried reinstalling windows?

    You might also might want to try setting your cpu usage in power management to 100% min. My 3.9 is on turbo btw. Coretemp will tell you at what freq your cpu is running actively. Im sure you have a program but just in case.

    I know you don’t want this answer, but perhaps you should sell that mobo\cpu and buy a I-5 setup.

    Sometimes you just need to turn shadows or sound quality to the lowest. On my brothers old rig sound quality and shadows killed his fps on WOW. He could max everything else. But I doubt that’s the case here.

    I’v felt your pain lol, I bought this setup because my amd black 955 ran so poorly, as it should, its from 2009.

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