Confused on general way to play

  • Alright I am new to the game and i’m trying to understand certain mechanics. I started off with spartan.
    I am confused as to why certain strikes go right through my shield when its up. I know there’s 2 sec timer after strike and getting kicked.

    Also it seems in a 1v1 confrontation I am always the 1 getting hit first. I seem to block an attack then go for attack and i just get hit always inbetween my attacks or during im swinging. seems like people have faster attack speed then me.

    The polearms seem general to effective and fast why are they same attack speed as a 1 hander?

  • They don’t have the same attack speed as a one hander.

    You our gotta work on dragging your mouse more. When you attack and when you block. Attacks ain’t going through your shield they are going around your sheild. The tip of the enemies weapon has to be in the center of your screen.

  • It’s hard to tell from the spartan’s perspective, but the shield ultimately covers your left significantly more than your right. If you aren’t careful, an enemy can easily drag their attack around your right side. Of course raising the spartan shield usually leaves you blind, so it can be hard to tell where your openings actually are. I’m not very experienced with shields so I can’t help you there.

    There are a fair number of weapons which are fast enough that they can hit first even if they are swung second. You can riposte (attack while succesfully blocking an attack) to increase attack speed to a point where this is less noticeable, but in certain matchups you’re going to have to get a little creative to work around the speed disadvantage. Weapons that have a noticeable edge in speed tend to be very short, so longer weapons tend to work well against them and often give you the chance to make the first attack before the opponent can even hope to reach you. Particularly long weapons may even allow you to make two attacks before they close the distance. If your opponent is careless you can even continually bait them into attacking from outside their range but within yours, giving you chances for free hits and also draining their stamina as a result of missed attacks.

    Other alternatives include trying to get behind your opponent with footwork, feinting to create an opening (works best with long weapons, since you are practically guaranteed to have the initiative), and making liberal use of kicks to maintain the distance between you. Remember that kicks drain their stamina just as much as yours, can’t be blocked, have range comparable to most mid-range weapons, and are fast enough to challenge any weapon. Properly timed, you can drag a kick to hit a 140-180 degree arc in front of you. My foot is my go-to weapon whenever someone is too close, or won’t stop moving.

    The spartan has obscenely slow weapons. The only ‘fast’ attack they really have is the xiphos stab, which is really great but a little limited. Everything else is generally on the slower end of moderate, though with good range and damage. Most spartans tend to play a very strong defensive game since they can more or less block every attack that comes at them without worry. It also allows them to look for and exploit openings in an opponents attack pattern, which can go a long way towards negating their speed disadvantage.

    Of course, if you don’t know how to drag your weapon or to position yourself to hit with the very start of the attack animation then every weapon will be faster than yours, no matter what you use.

  • You’ll learn with experience what weapon has what speed and range and the best tactics to counter each. As for shields, basically do what Lemonater said, that is, look in the direction the swing is coming from. Sometimes, however, even a perfect block can be seemingly bypassed, because Chivalry is a buggy game where nothing is ever certain. Many times I’ve made propper blocks and saw the enemy’s weapon go right through the model of my shield in first person view and into my face. It happens and is sometimes unavoidable. It could be lag, or it could be the fact that the first person models and weapon hitboxes aren’t exactly as they appear in third person. The same is true in reverse, by the way, sometimes both you and the enemy will block hits that shouldn’t be blocked, for example, many times I’ve made a backstab, only to have it bounce off the enemy’s back as if they had an extra shield in there, just because their shield was raised and looking in a different direction. Like I said, it happens. You’ll get used to dying to bullshit over time as well. If you stick with the game that long.

  • Just feint a lot, the servers will hail you as a hero.

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