Is my graphics card good enough?

  • Is my graphics card good enough? Apologies for my lack of computer knowledge, I doubt It will be able to run it but I’d like to know for sure anyway. My brother runs FIFA 12 on it but I think he plays at quite a low setting, the requirements are lower than Chivalry’s. I’m not much of a football fan so if its not this then its Mount & Blade Warband or War of the Roses.

    Its a Dell Inspiron 1750.
    The card is a…
    Mobile Intel 4 Series Express chipset
    Adapter string: Mobile Intel GMA4500MHD
    Total available graphics memory: 1695 MB
    Dedicated video memory: 32 MB
    System video memory: 32 MB
    Shared system memory 1631 MB

  • i dont think this is gonna work , its a laptop ?

    u can try the site canirunit , it checks your system

  • @pipi666 Thanks for the help!

  • No.

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