Did I hear a mention of heraldry and custom shields?

  • Hey guys, glad to see Team chivalry (or torn banner studios or whatever) have upgraded their website to make the game more open.

    I do remember some while back in november last year reading an old topic about having custom shield designs (with throbbing penises being of course necessary) but if this is true can you guys also have a sort of playercard showing your own heraldry on? I mean everyone having super cool capes with their own banner on might be a bit much but even just as a profile picture or sommething. You could even show the heraldry of the person who captured an objective on some flags mebs.

    Just a fantasy but plz let me know what you think

  • While custom heraldry is cool, it has to have limits. In M&B:Warband a player (Timothy the Knight) took it upon himself to compile the community’s custom banners. The banners simply replaced the standard game’s banners. Players had their unique heraldry penis-free.

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