Game skipping? Packet Loss?

  • Chivalry is currently unplayable for me. While in game my character skips around every 4-5 seconds. From the perspective of other players it appears that I am teleporting. I have tested a least 4 different servers with the same result. Each time my ping is below 40.

    I’ve been playing Chivalry for months now with no issue.

    It appears that I am not the only one with the issue:

    Is this a known issue?

    I have already updated my ethernet drives and router firmware to troubleshoot the issue. I would greatly appreciate any new troubleshooting suggestions.

    50mb down 20 up internet
    i7 2990k
    radeon 7970
    solid state hard drive
    16 GB of ram

  • Are you running the 64 or 32bit version?

  • It’s jumping the gun but packet loss can definitely cause this, I had a friend with the same issue with a bad wifi connection. Using a quick download test isn’t a good confirmation on your latency. What you should do is download “pingplotter” and place the server IP that you’re playing on in it and run it. It’ll count the hops to the server as well as delay time. There may be some loss or spikes during play.

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