New game-changing mode in Chivalry. Use Alt accounts.

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    Alt. Accounts & Toxic behavior: A Community Disease.


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    WTF is an Alt. Account?

    **An alternate account is typically an account made by a veteran and/or regular player in which they access when they feel like wearing a different mask.

    The use of alternate accounts is easiest to spot in a low rank player exhibiting the more cultivated techniques of veterans often whilst behaving toxicly toward other players.

    Although there are undoubtedly benign reasons for using an alternate account, it is most often employed when a mephitic individual wants to stalk or harass another player or behave in a toxic and abusive manner toward other players without the stigma and consequences being attached to the reputation behind their main account.

    **But… Why would someone do that?

    Seriously, why would someone do this?
    One can’t help but feel a sense of embarassment for these people when you take in the reality of what they are doing and why…

    If you find yourself being consistently harassed or stalked by an individual or group, thoroughly document it and report it to Steam.

    Some of it can be clearly chalked up to your run of the mill juvenile mind set and the subsequent “trolling” that comes with it and is generally harmless.

    But what about the especially toxic and abusive players?
    What in the fuggin hail has possessed them to behave in such a bizarre and cringey way?

    In short and above all else, the neurosis of what is called a channeled aggressive personality type.

    Channeled aggressive personality types are naturally drawn toward competitive outlets, this is not to say all competitive players and members of the community are channeled aggressive personality types, but the competitive nature of Chivalry Medieval Warfare naturally will attract these kinds of individuals.

    According to Dr. George Simon PhD, The principal features of the Channeled-Aggressive character are:

    • They are as interpersonally ruthless and heartless as any other aggressive character.
    • They generally confine their aggressive interpersonal conduct to non-criminal activity.
    • Although they place limits on their aggressiveness, their self-restraint is not so much based on social conscientiousness or a felt obligation to subjugate their wills to a higher authority, but rather a practical desire on their part 1) to avoid social sanctions that might potentially restrict their freedom and 2) to maintain a favorable social image.
    • They will abort all controls (and consequently will break the law) when they are convinced they can successfully avoid detection or sanction or have amassed sufficient power, influence, and control in their relationships that they will not be challenged.
    • They share the same narcissistic characteristics (e.g., sense of superiority, feelings of entitlement, self-centeredness, etc.) as the other aggressive personality subtypes.

    This sort of neuropathy tends to express itself the strongest among Chivalry’s more “elite” players; for some, racking up 300-1000+ hours of gameplay seems to further devastate their already unstable mental fortitude and they begin to slip deeper into delusions of grandeur and self importance and take this game of pretend poking and rediculous sound bites to a deeply personal low of unhealthy seriousness and toxic behavior.

    “Fawk this, time to switch to my alt.”

    Seriously… Don’t. Take. Yourself. Or. The. Game. Seriously.
    I’m fuhking serious about being unserious.

    Don’t be the previously mentioned guy, nobody likes that guy, this is why historically he always is killed in a spectacularly violent and justified manner.

    E.G. Gen. George Armstrong Custer’s[] death at the hands of the Lakota.
    “Reportedly, Custer’s corpse was naked but not subjected to extensive mutilation. The postmortem abuse was limited to punctured ear drums and a severed finger tip. Apparently, some Cheyenne women jabbed sticks into his ears so Custer would hear more clearly in his next life the warning of destruction, issued years earlier by a Cheyenne chief, if Custer ever made war on the tribe. There is no plausible reason for the missing bit of finger except sheer sport.”

    Crap talking to an extent is a part of the game, you choose your level of involvement in this non-sense aspect.

    You’ll get into the game and get mad that some hero Vanguard (me) comes flying in to rescue you and instead sends your goofy archer head rolling.
    Or when some try-hard leans back with his maul and one shots you with some spazzy swiveling overhead non-sense that would hardly scathe your fragile grandmother.

    Using arcane arts, B.S. was transmuted and placed into the coding of this game.
    Just get used to it until TB gets better at manifesting their vision without the help of Sylvia Brown.

    But alas… It’s just a game and you shouldn’t allow yourself the embarrassment of forgetting yourself and acting a fool.

    After all, who is the greater fool? The sick man who invests his self-worth and image into a simulation and stalks and/or harasses another player and goes to lengths to disguise his identity? Or the person with insight who allows himself to be swept into the sick man’s broken, small and ill vision of reality?

    As I said, you choose your level of involvement.

  • I used to have the same mindset, man. But here’s a couple reasons I don’t care about smurfs anymore:

    1. Smurfs are obvious. If it’s rank 30 and doing head fakes, combo feinting like a pr0, dragging, b0ckswings etc. then it’s an obvious smurf. So in reality, you and the smurf both know you’re facing a high ranked player. Any players around you who know anything about the game will also recognize them as a smurf.

    2. I’ve seen a lot of nice smurfs, not the outright-cunt brand that you usually get. These kind often acknowledge that they are, in fact, a smurf. Perhaps they’re just trying to throw some spice into what’s become a boring game for them. Hell if I know.

    In short, as long as they don’t have a hostile attitude, then I’m okay with smurfs.

    Side Note:
    I was dueling this one obvious smurf the other day who went by “Knight”, fittingly. He/she was really good, finishing near the top of the scoreboard in my duel server; but when they lost they weren’t a bitch. Actually, they were pretty pleasant compared to some of the non smurf players. I think everyone KNOWS they’re a smurf, and as long as they aren’t hostile, people just sort of overlook it.

    Just my two cents.

  • I didn’t read any of this but steam family sharing is just bad and annoying.

  • @dudeface:

    I didn’t read any of this but steam family sharing is just bad and annoying.

    ya i have to make backups of my customization because it deletes it all

  • @Stan: Interesting, one of my pals got a smurf with the same name, but not 'murican.

    I used my smurf a while back just to see how people reacted when all I used was lmb and feints, obviously CFtP and parries as well. And what do you know, it was the most effective way to fight multiple opponents and get great scores in TO. I even made comp players ragequit. But the most interesting was when I got a 64-6 K/D with brandi LMB, we all know that spears are the best weapons for slashes am I right?
    After that I havn’t used my smurf at all, I want my pink helmet already.

  • Alt accounts make it so you can be the perfect stealthy ninja admin. Simply Changing your username doesn’t always work.

    Not all the narcissistic bastards make alt accounts. They get really really angry when they run into someone with real power over them.

  • who cares?

  • @Alphonse:

    who cares?

    all those poor nooblets

  • Huh, this explains a lot actually.

  • I talked about family sharing for a while, I did it a fair bit since I play casual and it was fun to use different weapons with no pressure.

    The reason the low ranks are so full is because of all the family sharing. From my experience around 50% were actually under rank 15.

    However there is a limit - you can do only 5 smurfs (in a 3 month period) before you have to buy another copy of CMW - so good for TBS I guess.

    Nowadays though its not worth going through the hassle. Even on the regular servers the pro players are getting rusty and there are not that many great players left. Just the other night Faucheur had 3 high ranks defending dark forest and they still lost - no doubt they were not trying overly hard on a pub server and it wasnt hard to kill one of them 40% of the time - but my point is the overall high end highly competitive player scene is dying down so smurf accounts if you are an above average player are not really needed.

  • As for Hoss he is way off base, people aren’t stalking or harassing any more than usual, in general some high ranks just like to kill a lot now and then for the pleasure of going 50 to 2. It is just like doing Crypt except with real people.

  • All the pros either play on private servers or have left the game completely. Idk what OP is on about.

  • TL;DR, terrible formatting on top of that.


    All the pros either play on private servers or have left the game completely. Idk what OP is on about.

    Oh hey, it’s the popular “all the good players quit” fallacy again! Strange that nobody ever names these good players. Besides, how do you know they would be the best if they don’t even play anymore?

  • AFAIK, caveman still scrims almost daily.

  • This post is sadly spot on. I’ve been getting a shit storm of this kind of behavior on me a lot these past couple of months. Which has let me to disable chat for most of my play time in Chivalry. Confused, frustrated, angry and childish assholes that sort of “travel” with you on a gaming night and try to interfere with you as much as possible. A lot of these people have names I don’t recognize. Unless I look up their name in Steam and check their past names and see a name I do recognize, they are usually names with a clan tag attached to them. At the moment these kinds of people are the closest thing to making me quit the game, they trump any bug Chivalry might have. Revolting.

    If you have not experienced this kind of behavior it’s easy to say this is not a common problem, but it most definitely DOES happen. Of course there is no “ADMIN HELP ME” button so you’re usually left to your own devices, AKA quitting and go play fucking Dragon Age or something.

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