I was IP banned from Official server # 20, yesterday. How long does that last?

  • First off, I have no idea why I was banned. I was just playing and then suddenly I was booted with a message saying it was for trolling. That makes no sense, as the only thing I had said in the chat was “Hi” when somebody said my name, I had not killed or intentionally hit any of my own teammates and my team damage is always in the single digits. I am a respectful team player, and I don’t even tea-bag or anything like that. I am the kind of player that usually bows to an opponent or sends a “gf” message after a particularly good exchange with an enemy. I didn’t even see a vote go up (I am not saying it didn’t, it may have, but I usually am aware of votes so I don’t know).

    So today I log on and the only open server with a good ping that is team objective is Official server 20, which I still can’t join.

    How long is this supposed to last for?

    Is there a way I can get it reversed, because there is no good reason for me to have been kicked, and any server manager who looked at the log from that game would see I hadn’t done anything to warrant being banned from playing.

  • What is the IP address of that server?

  • Probably some random fake official server.

  • I don’t know how to look up the IP address of a server. The full name of the server is “Official TO Server 20 [32p] - US West (Multiplay)”

    I had no idea there were fake “official” servers, so I don’t know how to let the difference or not.

    I’ll make a topic on ban appeals.

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