Controller Support

  • I’ve been using an xbox controller for some time now. In the past I was always able to remap buttons to different commands within the configuration menu. The recent update seems to make these settings irrelevant, ignoring them completely.

    I’ve gone into UDKGame.ini, UDKInput.ini, and UDKPlayerInput.ini trying to experiment with the obvious values but nothing seems to have any effect. Is there some variable I need to switch on to be able to alter my input scheme manually? If not, does anyone know of a better solution? Thanks in advance for any help.

  • You think TB gives a shit? I have posted this problem many times. They already have our money so they’re not going to help with this at all.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Actually the last update added controller usage. SO your config edits have become irrelevant. I would save copies of your current INI files then I would delete those INI files and do a “verify game cache”. Load the game with your controller plugged in and let the game find it. You should then be able to config it in the game menu.

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