[Released/WIP]Darkforest WINTER!

  • Hey folks, just did this last-night/ finished it tonight. This is as the title says. Dark forest re skinned/textured to reflect the season of winter. NO game-play changes whatsoever. Its weather system is the same as the rain beforehand. There is a chance of snow on the first two obj and a definite snowstorm on the third.

    Last build update: v4 [Uploaded to Steam] Dec 17, 4:34 AM Central
    -Final objectives now display progress bars correctly for A B and C.
    -Few more meshes have snow applied.
    -Sluice water has been removed outright. The ice remains and is elevated about 4 inches.(no gameplay change)
    -The Masons seem to have lost their plagued bodies along the way and instead carry a cart with an array of holiday items.

    • The cow has gone missing?

    Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=357070679

    report any bugs you have (there shouldn’t be as its a stock map that i only re skinned) however there are possibilities. If i missed moss or a rock or something please let me know. If you have any suggestions you can post those as well :)

    Thats it for now, Check it out!

    PS: The clan Legion, will be hosting this map on our TO server! Look for Legion Winter Dark-forest 24/7 Stop by and say hello!

    Sneak peak image:

  • This post is deleted!

  • bugs: the frozen sluice water means the dead bodies would not poison the well. Objective failed.

    Also, moving water does not freeze. The river and the sluice shouldn’t be frozen.

    I like the concept though.

  • it was left unfrozen before, but i had lots of complaints lol, so i just through it in there. Ty for feedback though, ill see if i have time to work on water and use more broken ice.

  • Update: progression almost fixed, lol

  • such snow

    very cold


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