[WIP] No Mercy

  • Hi Guys !
    I’ll make a clean and final version of the “No Mercy” map.


  • Teams should change sides every round.

    You -should- be able to accomplish this with the modify team spawn action on level reset, just feed a switch into it and have even numbers be agatha and odd be mason.

    A platform of some kind or something to offer some kind of cover would be nice as well. If you have not already, make that pit in the middle wide enough so that anybody who tries to go under the platform falls in.

    Also, gonna move this over to the UGC section, just to keep it with the other maps.

  • Thx Andrew, I don’t know why I’ve put the thread there …

    Team rotation is the next thing I’ll add to the map.

    “A platform of some kind or something to offer some kind of cover would be nice as well.”
    Wich team should use this kind of cover ? Do you mean something like a crate on the platform ?

    People can go under the platform, but if they do, they will get crushed by the platform when it goes down.

  • Maybe some large support structures to give -some- protection and allow the drop in team to fortify. A central pillar might help with that as well.

    Crates would be great as additional cover.

    As long as they are reliably being crushed, that works fine then.

    Quick paint over:

    White are all static support structures. You would want to throw a blocking volume around those so the drop in team doesn’t try to base on them.

  • Added:
    _Spikes all around the map
    _Cover on the central platform
    _Cover around the central platform
    _Team Rotation (each round)
    _Play time set to 5 min

  • The map is running on the “Perlin’s Workshop”.

    Please give some feedback !

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