Why does Nvidia DSR 4K revert to 60HZ?

  • I have the game changed in the config to B Smoothframerate True min 0 max 120 in my user/Chivalry location. And i can confirm 1080p gives me 120fps. and all is well But as soon as i try to render at 4K with the help of DSR i am finding the game wont go above 60fps. How do i get 4K/120? Is there a config it is reverting too or something when i select 4K? I cant work out how all the other games i have work except Chivalry. L4D2 DSR 4k 120 works WOW Draenor 4K 120 works Chivalry 4K 120 capped to 60fps.

    60 is a significant number though indicating my refresh rate on my Eizo FG 2421 being halved (120hz is on) yet Chivalry used to default to 62fps before i edited the config. I dont know if using 4K and 120 is reverting me to another config somewhere that needs changed? But unlikly because TB always used 62 if i remember. So it has to be a program bug in either Nvidia Torn Banner side.

    Thanks, Also 4K and 120hz looks and feels incredible in this game.

  • It’s throttling to 60 instead of 62? Are you sure V-sync isn’t turned on in Chiv config and Nvidia control panel?

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