[Animation] Push Cart Animations

  • Hello forum!

    How do you make the push cart animation trigger? That is the wheels turning.

    Tried to figure this out myself but failed, please help! :)

    Merry X-mas,


  • Did you do the animation with a Matinee? And what did you try?

  • Sorry for not being very clear about my question.

    What I actually wanted to ask was: does the Push Cart actually have an animation in it’s .FBX file or is it done uniquely for every map? Remember I am talking about the animation where the wheels are turning and not the Matinee animation that actually moves the cart.


  • I too needed a wheel-turning animation and I just copied it from an official TB map. It was done with a Matinee. That works for any cart/ waggon model u use from the model set because it uses an animation within the Matinee called ‘Move’.
    I also needed a wheel turning animation for a waggon I put together myself. In this case, I used a custon movement track to keep the wheels turning.

    Btw. I can’t set an animation for an Anim Control Track. The Skeletal Mesh Actor is connected to the Matinee but I cant set keyframes. Did u manage?
    Ah, nvm. I had to add an Anim Set to the Group in the Matinee.

  • Hello again Hordy,

    So it works if you add Anim Set to the matinee group? I’ll try that.

    Coming back with results.

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