• Been looking for a change lately and turned to the brandistock. While not as versatile or effective as a sword, it is fun to play with. I found this old video - so funny watching how noobish people were then compared to TO servers nowadays

    Anyway brandi is fun for drags and the range on that poke. Any tips or tricks with the weapon? Is it worth doing the hopping around stab thing you see sometimes with other weapons?

  • omg… the game looks so smooth in that vid compared to how it is now… everything just flows so smooth…

  • You’ve probably already figured it out, but starting the slow stab on a right angle to your opponent and then just curving it in is easy shekels. Follow it up with a few bunnyhop slashes and they’ll never get close enough to do anything because the stam drain and knockback are a joke.

  • bunnyhops are great in 1vN situations because you can’t combo, so no CFtP or comboparry.

  • brandistronk is balanced pls dont nerf

  • @zombojoe:

    brandistronk is balanced pls dont nerf

    Zombo + brandi = too stronk! Saw your last vid; crazy kill streak!

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