Cautiously optimistic about the future of this port

  • First and foremost, I really love the combat in this game. Exchanging parries and ripostes, dancing in and out of your opponent’s range, and decapitating your enemies all feel great thanks to the real-time control Chivalry gives you over your attacks. Unfortunately, pretty much all the fun in doing these things disappears whenever you go into the steaming pile of laggy shit that is any game mode that isn’t dueling.

    The extensive issues with lag basically render most games you get into unplayable. It’s hard to have fun slaying people when you get killed by sword swings that don’t actually happen on your screen. In a game so focused on precise timings on parries in order to not be feinted, it doesn’t make much sense for the lag to be so bad that it basically makes parrying a guessing game in TO.

    Along with the lag, the matchmaking is pretty awful and just general menu navigation stuff is shoddy as well. What game only lets you leave the pause menu by selecting “Return”? Stuff like being able to unpause by hitting start or B is a no-brainer and I’m honestly surprised that this was somehow not implemented. I’m not sure if that says something about the incompetence of the makers of this port or if it just shows that they don’t really care. Either way, it doesn’t exactly leave me brimming with confidence about this port ever getting fixed.

    Why can’t we decide what map to play on when hosting games? We can choose the first map for a duel, but all the ones afterwards just cycle through the map list. This wouldn’t be a huge issue for dueling if it weren’t for some maps being fucking obnoxious as hell for dueling. Frigid is a perfect example of this. Why do we have to spend more time running to our opponent than we actually do dueling? It just really makes no sense.

    I really want to like this game. I’ve really fallen in love with the combat, but everything just seems like a half-baked version of what the PC master race is already getting.

  • I also agree with OP. This game is amazingly fun. I love the combat and I play this game all the time. I just wish the games weren’t so laggy and the menus had more utility.

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