Two accounts on same PC shares stats, what?

  • Let me start off by saying I used to play on the PC my brother now owns, because I recently built a new PC for myself (And yes, this is relevant, just wait for it).

    I bought Chivalry: Medieval Warfare today, as an early gift for my brother. Younger brother. A few weeks prior to this, I’d given him my older PC, which I had cleaned for him, but today I found out that I had forgotten to delete the folders for my games under documents/my games, where the chivalry stat files are located.

    To my confusion, this resulted in my brother unlocking the veteran achievements, getting the veteran helmets, silver helmet, black helmet (I was rank 41 when I moved to my new PC) and getting my customizations for his characters upon logging in for the first time. I double checked that he was rank 0 by logging in to empty servers, and after that I went to delete the stat and started the game again. He still has the vet helmets, but his customizations reset and he no longer has the silver or black helmets (which is good).

    Is this a common problem? Are two Steam accounts with Chivalry supposed to unlock stuff for eachother? Cause it definitely looks wierd, and it caught me off guard.

  • Lol that’s what’s happens. It would of saved his weapon stats online so when you redownloadsd those files it would of used the online data.

    You need a separate windows user if you want to use the same computer and play chivalry also.

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