Two accounts on same PC shares stats, rank and helmets, what?

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    The first part of my post may not sound relevant to the problem, but it is.
    A few weeks ago, I built myself a nice gaming PC, and gave my old one to my younger brother.

    On the old PC, I’d been playing up to rank 40-41 - (not sure which rank, but I had unlocked the black helmet, and I’m rank 42 now, playing on my new PC) I had cleaned the old machine for him before giving it to him, or atleast I though I had.

    Anyway, I bought Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for him today, as an early christmas gift, and to my confusion, he had everything I have on his rank 0 (!!!) account. We’re talking Vet helmets (Vet achievements too), customizations, black helmet and silver helmet. I then found out I had forgotten to delete all my game folders under documents/my games (you know, where the Chivalry stat files are stores), and this apparently resulted in unlocking said things for him. I delete everything in there, and everything went back to normal, expect for the fact that he now, and still, has the vet helmets, which I find very consufing.

    Is this a common thing? Are accounts supposed to share their unlocks and stuff? I definitely sounds weird to me.

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