Play animation on bots

  • Hi,

    to make bots play a certain animation I use the ‘NPC Play Anim’ node. It works alright for PIE and offline games but for clients connected to a dedicated server, the animation won’t show.
    Anyone knows a fix?

    The bots are spawned via the ‘Spawn Custom Family Bot’ node.

  • It is very trcky…and despite days of trying i never got this to work well.

    Finally i resorted to a trick when the bot reached a point replaced it with skeletal mesh of the same and used matinee to play anims on that…. which is not in itself very easy. If you want to know how to do that let me know … i would have to dig it out of.the archive (origionally the trebuchets in irilla were loaded by teams of bots)

  • Did u try set it up with uscript? I just solved a similar issue: Bots only dodging on offline games because they explicitly excluded it for dedicated servers for whatever reason.

    How are u able to replace the bots with skeletal mesh actors without making it too obvious? It would be handy to know how to force animations on bots.

    Edit: ok it seems to work now with the initial setup. I did not change the ‘NPC Play Anim’ node, so I don’t know why it suddenly applies the animation so it is visible for clients connected to a dedicated server.

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