Free for All Voices?

  • Hello,
    Have the voices in free-for-all been switched to Agatha regardless of the character model selected in customization? I remember back when the voices were randomly chosen between Agatha and Mason, but this was changed to work with the faction you chose in the customization screen. I haven’t heard a Mason voice in FFA for a few days now. Is this intentional, a bug or just me?

  • been there for a couple of months and it’s starting to piss me off, all my FFA characters are mason

  • Yes, FFA voices have always been Agatha regardless of your character model. Only the battlecry © changes if you pick Mason. They should have an option in the customization menu to change this.

  • Oh, really? Damn that sucks…if any devs see this, pleeeassee add this, and a toggle for first-person deaths !

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