Problems with Customization

  • Okay, here is my issue. When I go to Options > Customization, all of the tabards look EXACTLY the same. Solid blue for Agatha, solid red for Mason. I can tell there are some VERY faint lines in the Checkers patterns and what not, but there is no way you would be able to see them in combat. Is this just me or is it like that for everyone?

    Second even bigger issue that is really vexing me… every game I play with other people online, I see MULTIPLE people with black Mason tabards or white Agatha tabards. Heck, I even saw a Mason guy with a black tabard with really obvious bright green highlights (???). I have unlocked the Vanguard Veteran helmet (it doesn’t even look that impressive, you’d have to be looking for it specifically in combat to notice) and it has not unlocked any additional tabard options. How do you accomplish this??

    I have searched the internet high and low for info regarding this subject, but to no avail. I have searched the marketplace but all they are selling is helmets and avatar items. Like I said, there are a LOT of people that obviously know how to do this, so someone please help!

    And for the love of god… please do not come in here and bash the 360 port and preach about the infinite superiority of the PC version. We all know there are some issues and this is not the PC Chivalry part of the forum.

    Helpful responses only please!

  • a photo would really help to describe the issue

  • I’m afraid I don’t have the video capture hardware to take some good clean screenshots, so I took a couple pics with my phone and copied them onto the CPU. They are pretty grainy, but you’ll get the idea.

    As you can see, they all look virtually identical: the Default, the Stripes, the Split, and the Checkers. Besides those very faint lines I mentioned earlier (which you will have no chance of seeing in these pics due to cell phone quality) the only difference I can visually distinguish is in the very last one, Tabard Pattern 2 where you can make out a black stripe on the bottom part around the thigh area.

    I know something is going on and that there is supposed to be more to them. Probably just a bug, which is okay because I don’t see anyone else running around with stripes or checkers. But the white and black tabards have me confused. Especially the guy I saw with the bright green highlights (only saw something like that just the one time).

    It will be hard to get some good clean pics of the white and black tabards, but I suppose I’ll try. Maybe send someone a message who has one on and see if I get a response.

  • UPDATE: Okay, so I went into spectate mode and in the very first game I found snapped these two pics. The first is a Mason Knight in a black outfit and the player was nice enough to respond to my messages and I snapped the pic while he was replying. The helmet is from the Marketplace (which I knew before he told me) and for the black outfit he pretty much just said all he did was go to customization, didn’t do anything special.

    The second is an Agatha Knight with a Checker pattern that appears to be functional. Couldn’t get a good pic 'til he was dead unfortunately. I also deleted Chivalry from the hard drive and re-downloaded it with no improved results. I’m beginning to wonder if it is an issue with my ISP as it has been acting up a bit lately in the form of lag on xbox, slow loading on the cpu, errors watching youtube videos, etc.

    Anyways, the last two are simply Agatha and Mason Knight pics from my customization screen just for reference. As with the Archer pics above, all the Knight tabard patterns are essentially exactly the same (solid blue/red) except the shoulder/arm pauldrons are either red/blue or silver and other really really minor variations.

  • Let me guess. Your colour scheme for your characters are blue and blue. Check your colours.

  • Hooray! Problem solved! Never saw that tricky little X button pop up when you get over to the tabards to pick color schemes.

    Thanks Lemoneater!

  • Well on the PC version the colours are already displayed on the right side of the tabard selection (same applies for shields and emblems).

    But that would of probably looked bad on the consoles 720 resolution so they made it the X button. I honestly didn’t notice the button either lol until you said it and I had to take another look at the image. But I knew what the problem was. As there isn’t a solid colour option for some things so you just make the primary and secondary colours the same.

  • yeah exactly what lemon said ^^^

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