How to set the "Welcome message"

  • Hi.

    How to change it? 've been looking for it long time, but I cant see it.

    Otherwise, is there any way to speak like an admin in the game? and the last thing, Is possible to set a reserved slot in the game for an admin?

  • Hi there,

    The MOTD is set just under the line where you set the server name. In regards to admin, there is currently no “admin chat” implemented. I also have not encountered anything regarding reserved slots yet either.

    Hope this helps.

  • THX for the info ^^.

    Another request, we are lookinf for the way to change the map cycle and the default map… To set for example only TO maps… What do we need to do? Erase the other map in the DefaultGame.ini? Or is there other way?

  • Modifying the map cycle in the defaultgame.ini is the way to change the map rotation.

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