Allow Offline Mode (Offline Single + System Link)?

  • Now, the Xbox 360 (and PS3, I’m assuming) versions of Chivalry does have a “singleplayer” mode where you can just play around with bots, which is honestly still fun. Problem is, you still need to be online and logged in with an Xbox Live registered account.

    So simply put, add in an update to allow the game to be played offline (with no internet connection). I don’t have Gold membership, myself, on Xbox 360 and don’t really care for it… So I will not be playing the game that much anyways against other players. I’ll be most playing the game for fun against bots (which isn’t as “hard” but still fun). Also allow offline system link games (maybe?) as someone have said in another thread (I honestly don’t care for that myself but would totally support the option).

    Some ideas too… In singleplayer, allow the player use any weapon since it’s singleplayer (obviously) so it doesn’t really matter. (The weapons will still be locked in multiplayer though). And also possibly work on both the bot AI and bot limit but that isn’t necessary.

    Just my thoughts anyways… Shrugs

  • You probably have to take that up with Microsoft or Activision or whatever that other company was called that actually did the port.

    You were one of the biggest advocates for a console version. Probably should of specified that you wanted it to have offline singleplayer too lol.

  • I kinda did specifically mention singleplayer before, for both the console and PC versions. I just don’t know where the Main Console forums are at… Just this specific section of this forum.

    I’m kinda a big “advocate” for offline and singleplayer related elements… Especially when it comes to consoles.

    And it should Activision (or whoever did the console port). Not Microsoft themselves.

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