Cannot move after parrying an attack

  • Has anybody else experienced this? I get stuck after parrying an attack, usually overheads or charge attacks. It must happen at least once a week or every 10 days on random.

    After the successful parry, I’ll get stuck in place for a little while. Pressing WASD won’t let me move in any direction. I can still attack but I can’t footwork or anything.

    Tapping F or having a friend kick me are the only ways of getting unstuck once this issue occurs.

    Whenever you parry, you are deflected for a short period of time in a specific direction. So I’m thinking that maybe some attacks are somehow “nailing” me to the ground? Something to do with map design? Idk.
    The maps I can remember where this happened were Throneroom (both top galleries and stairs) and near the cannons in TO-Cove, closer to the Agatha spawn (which is pretty flat terrain).

    Mind you, I’m not staggered or anything from low stamina. It’s happened mostly when I play Knight because that’s my main class.

  • I find this happens a lot after kicking someone and trying to sprint forward.

  • Or afterbeing kicked. Kick also teleports me around sometimes. But yeah, it happens and it sucks.

  • on the odd occasion kick actually works, there is about a 50% chance you teleport forward or backward after.

    in my experience.

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