Rank-Based Matchmaking

  • Hi.

    I know veterans of Chiv are tired of hearing this one, but…

    I loved the shit out of Chivalry from 1-15, then reality hit…
    It’s difficult to hone my skills when I’m constantly fighting players who put ALL of their time into one game and exploit(leverage) unnatural physics and game mechanics to win. Match those players against each other.

    It would be really epic if Torn Banner could implement a matchmaking system that utilizes a player’s SKILL stats when pairing matches. Even if it was a separate game mode entirely.

    Halo 2 had one of the best match making systems ever designed. Players had to compete for max level status. If you took a long break and came back sucking terribad, then your rank would drop and you would be paired with players who were mostly on your skill level while you worked your way back up.

    I’ve all but quit playing Chiv because it’s just another game where you are required to practice non-stop just to compete. I believe casual gamers and diehards can coexhist, but there needs to be a system that keeps player skill more balanced for pairing.

    Open to feedback. :)

    tl;dr, please add rank matchmaking.

  • And yet the best way to improve is to play against better people. If you only ever fight rank 15s, you’ll only ever be as good as rank 15s.

  • this is why i play csgo. therefore, yes.

  • Not enough players in a region for rank matchmaking and rank while mostly indicative of experience, it is not really reliable for matchmaking.

    CMW2 should make an effort though as it may increase the length duration people play.

  • Tibberius commented on this not too long ago.


    Here is a relevant post on just how many concurrent players are required for effective matchmaking:


    It is surprising and leaves Chivalry well out of the effective range.


  • And you might get matchmaking like the new halo or early titanfall. Tons of players. Takes 10 god damn minutes to find a match.

  • @Knifelegs:

    Tibberius commented on this not too long ago.


    Chiv would def. work with matchmaking. That blog post isnt true in some parts

  • I don’t see a problem for matchmaking 2v2/3v3 LTS or 5v5 TO.
    12v12 TO on the other hand can’t really be matchmaked, besides even with matchmaking there could still be the regular pub servers. And because the comp scene doesn’t allow third person I’d suggest that to be part of the matchmaking as well. So I guess the ranks for the matchmaking would be something like:
    46-infinity and beyond.

  • I don’t care for matchmaking, but if it kept 500 ping idiots off my local servers I would be ok with that.

  • I can think of like forty rank 50+ players in the oceanic region.

    And match making you say is gonna work.

  • this would obviously only work if they reworked/added a new ranking system from scratch, based on skill rather than xp

  • No. Community isn’t big enough for this. It’s hard enough finding servers as it is because there’s too many low rank servers.

  • @Knifelegs:

    Tibberius commented on this not too long ago.


    For what it’s worth: the analysis makes overly general assumptions on how players enter the pool, because it treats players as i.i.d. variables, when in reality they are highly correlated since the matchmaking algorithm is in control. Simple counterexample: matchmake once, repeat match over and over again. Clearly unacceptable in practice, but it shows the loophole.

    To get practical low-population matchmaking out of that loophole requires more work though. But this is a textbook algorithm design & analysis example of a tradeoff between efficiency and generality, i.e. the more general the solution is, the less efficient it is.

  • Maybe something as simple as the server list showing what the average player level is on each given server would make it easier to find games around your skill level.

  • It doesn’t need to be Level based… It could be based on recent K:D Ratio.

    The best % of killers in the game get matched together. If there are too few players, oh well, they get matched. Life moves on.

    It doesnt need to be 2 teams of 12 lvl 45’s against each other… just find a way to keep the lvl 50’s away from the lvl 16’s while theyre hip swinging, looking at the floor and jumping javelins and swinging their claymore.

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