MAA dodge freeze

  • Hello,

    the MAA is stuck in a ‘t-pose’ when it dodges with non-MAA weapons like the Maul. No movement or animation is possible then.
    That is an old problem for certain Horde maps like Sandcastle and Horde Town where you can buy any weapons for any class.

    Recently I found the fix to this problem and it is quite simple. For any weapon which does not support dodging just put a boolean in the DefaultProperties: bCanDodge=false

    This works already because in the StartDodge function of the AOCPawn this check is performed:
    if(… AOCWeapon(Weapon).bCanDodge …)

    There are even a few weapons where this boolean is already set. For instance, in ‘AOCWeapon_HeavyCrossbow’.
    So it would help a lot if this is set for every weapon which would bug out the MAA on dodge. Please include this in an update, TB.

    However, there are some weapons which MAA can not get in normal games but work fine with dodging. For example:
    sword of war (1handed), Messer (1handed)

    Please do not disable dodging with these.

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