I can't connect to ANY servers

  • Hi there, I bought this game last night for $27.99 and can’t connect to any servers. Game loaded up, I played the tutorial and got the hang of the mechanics then tried to join a multiplayer server and I get stuck on “Please wait while the game loads” for a VERY long time until it says I lost connection to the server… I tried again today. I looked online and tried “Verify Game Cache” x2, Turned off Firewall, Etc But still nothing… I can manually connect to a server by using “open” then typing IP and Port. But It’s not what I should have to do to get in a game. I also don’t get the full server list, it will bring up 2-3 servers that are all empty… Please help, I think the games great… I just can’t play it and it’s very frusturating :confusion::miserable:

  • The server browser in chivalry is cooperating with steam I believe. Sometimes it can help to reinstall steam itself instead of the game. I would backup the steamapps folder (where your games are located) and the main executable of steam and let it download all of its components again by opening the executable. If done correctly steam will download itself again. It will LOOK like your games are uninstalled but just clicking install will just make steam look for the games which it will find in your steamapps folder and it will open in no-time. Dont know if it works for you but its worth a try.

  • You still having this issue?

  • I think the more important question is where the hell did you find chivalry for $27.99???

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