A Simple Solution To Balance Feints

  • First off, I want to mention that I got a lot of experience in real martial arts as well as in melee combat games with similar mechanics as in Chivalry and would like to add my two cents to the feint issue.

    Looking at feinting, it is an important too in any form of realistic combat and I think at it’s current state it is great in Chivalry.
    The real problem arises when trying to counter it, which brings parry to the table.
    Currently, parry has a weirdly unrealistic downtime. Removing the downtime but maintaining the animation delay would have following benefits to the overall gameplay:

    • Better ways to deal with groups of enemies without requiring a shield.
    • Better ways to deal with feints.

    Parry spam would still have it’s toll, because you could get hit in-between parries, your stamina would not regenerate and it does not replace the timing required for most drag attack situations, nor the skill for aiming it correctly
    If parry turned out to be too effective without downtime, but with it’s current animation delay, TB might introduce an appropriate stamina cost to punish parry spam even harder.

    This change should make combat more enjoyable in situations where you are outnumbered or encountering feints, but not remove the skill required for parry to be performed effectively.

  • Sounds like panic parry all over again. Just give us more stamina and feints will be cool.

  • Sounds like a huge nerf to drags just to make feints slightly easier to parry, which they don’t need to be.

  • 0.5 seconds where you can’t parry, LS got a 0.6 windup on stab + 0.2 second timer before you can hit again = 0.8 seconds. Active parry = 0.5 seconds, meaning if you parry at the exact same time as the opponent feints he will have 1 second to hit you, if you parry slightly before, which most people do. You either already have enough time to parry again or you’re close enough to it so you can backpedal+matrix slightly and manage to get your parry off anyways. But that’s only with stabs of most 2h’s.
    Anyhow shields got way to fast timers, 0.25 for buckler and 0.35 for towershield, if you feint a tshield user he raises his shield, lowers it because you might kick, then raises it again because he saw you overheading instead. this with your norse sword with the 0.4+0.3 timers = 0.7 seconds but his raise recovery raise was 0.4 seconds tops, compared to the 1 second without a shield.

    Conclusion: I think feints are pretty wellbalanced as they are atm, perhaps stabs shouldn’t be allowed to feint as late in windup as they’re allowed to atm, but that’s about it.

  • feints are fine and dont need any changes.


    feints are fine and dont need any changes. if you think they are broken watch me duel vs wizardish (best feinter NA)

    Ew, what kind of pings do you guys get lol. I’m impressed either of you are defending against feints at that point… Any videos or anything?

  • @a:

    Ew, what kind of pings do you guys get lol. I’m impressed either of you are defending against feints at that point… Any videos or anything?

    Sometimes it’s easier to read feints from people with 170 ping than from people with 70, I believe a lot has to do with packet loss. And sometimes people with 104 ping will instahit right after the feint just because they’re desynced.

  • in competitive game it’s all about utilizing unflinchable riposte meta, so having this would just add to the bullshit that is riposte meta.

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