Suggestion - hold your swing

  • I searched but didn’t find anything on this.

    Would be nice to be able to hold your sword etc… mid swing, then release it when you want to strike. Like throwing knives etc… And it should leave your arm vulnerable to being chopped off while you hold it mid swing.

  • This has been suggested many many times.

  • Nothing this major is going to get done to this game at this stage. All we can really hope for is balance patches and bug fixes now, although even those don’t look like they’re coming soon.

  • I figured it must have been brought up. And yeah, I suppose the chance for new features is long gone. Ah well… I tried haha

  • This would be like a feint attack without windup. Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

  • I’d just do lookdown overheads but hold the attack so it just freezes in their face while they parry, then smites them with terrible and awesome fury.

  • it’s a bad idea for this game man, unless of course it drains stam at light speed. Even then it would be terrible. I can imagine maul guys or daggar dudes just running around waiting to 1hko people or insta stab.

  • Not sure why my 2nd comment I posted yesterday didn’t make it on here…

    Anyways, I see the point made that this game won’t be seeing any new features like this. Possible bug fixes and that’s it I suppose.

    I wasn’t meaning the attack could be held at any point. It would be between the wind up and actual swing. So you would see them with the attack held and have the swing time to respond. Regardless, pointless to hash it out haha

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