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    Sensationalist Facebookheadline aside (What these Chivalry players do to the game will SHOCK YOU!) after today I felt compelled to make more of a formal PSA against the players in this video.
    I have played against [redacted] a bunch of times, and for the last few months have come across them in various 32p TO servers with 3rd person enabled.
    The long and short of it is, using the console to bypass the User Interface restriction of 120 FOV, giving themselves a much higher FOV (140+) and using third person to give themselves several distinct advantages:

    • Awareness - The above players have a complete 360 degree view of their surroundings, it’s impossible to sneak up on them.
    • Groundsniffing - Running while looking straight down, makes you much harder to hit when escaping. Because of high FOV and 3rd person there is no penalty to your character staring straight at the ground.
    • Look-down Overheads: As your character is looking down all the time, overheads are extremely fast.

    I’ve posted about this abuse a small while ago, and though it genuinely doesn’t bother me as much as this thread or video suggest, it is annoying to have them join a server and kill it because anyone not tenacious enough to stay will just want to leave. Which happened in the video - they turned a 32 player server into a 16vs3
    Kickvotes are ineffective and it seems the only winning move is to not play on the same server - an annoyance if it happens to be a good map or you’re playing with a decent bunch of guys.
    But it’s not just that, it seems that by co-ordinating efforts on their end, they are able to troll every player on the opposing team by spawn-camping and abusing the class-select glitch to instantly refill their health and stamina. So in Castle Assault, 32 players, we were treated by this group using the Vanguard charge to reach a normally unreachable area (Mason spawn stage 2) and bombarding our team with Firepots. 2 MAA to begin with, then more. The other players I named below joined in and you can see what happened - they all switched to their respective classes and instantly regenerated upon taking damage. Causing my whole team to leave, whilst I just spectated and recorded the event.
    This has happened on maps like Darkforest once Mason grab the first spawn (they wait in that area for Mason to spawn) and again at the Sluice gates once Mason capture the area. On maps like Coldfront I’ve fought against them glitching into the Defense spawn in the first stage, then standing at the back of the cave with heavy crossbow and shooting any fresh-spawns in the head. No need to reload - just hit M and click archer to get a new bolt loaded.
    Unfortunately as there is no provable hacking going on, it’s hard to get VAC bans handed out, but where is the line drawn from being cheeky, and abusing glitches to ruin other people’s games.
    In terms with dealing with the mentioned abusers, a great tactic for the 3rd Person FOV abusers is to use stabs as it is extremely hard to judge range in that play style, as player models are smaller, feints are very effective and these tactics enabled me to come out with a 2:1 KDR on both matches I played against the abusers, whilst everyone else on my team was going 9-26 for instance. In addition, manage your distance effectively to make them waste stamina, then move in with kicks and feints to punish them.

    These are the players in the video, and while [redacted] and [redacted] seem to be the only guilty parties with 3rd FOV abuse, the other players are undeniably involved.
    Hopefully with some support we can get these players shut down on Chivalry. Then they can go back to COD or whatever game they trolled before this.

  • Wow… Someone is crying over getting killed by shitty third person casuals? Learn2feint bro.

  • @Hitom:

    Wow… Someone is crying over getting killed by shitty third person casuals? Learn2feint bro.

    anyone that plays at 140 fov in 3p will fall for any feint

  • Yep, found this out time after time playing against these guys… Smashed em effortlessly.

  • As much as I hate to say it –- as long as it’s not hacking, extensive griefing and/or using a genuine exploit* there’s hardly anything you can or should do.

    The problem with these kinds of players is that they’re not skilled. They didn’t spend their time in Chivalry learning how to properly be an all-around good player in the game, they spent it learning what’s the fastest and most effective way to quickly dispatch of less experienced players.

    It annoys me too, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it’s pointless. Some guy in this topic will sooner or later start giving you advice for dealing with 3rd person players (Hitom is already going that direction it seems) but that’s not gonna help all the others you shared the server with.
    If one of these guys joins the server I’m playing in I’d be pretty pissed off too because personally I would consider it griefing. Sure, I like to think I can counter their tactics easily but the rest of my team can’t. And a 1vs5 is never going to work. Seriously anti-fun. Hence griefing.

    What they do is entirely possible for anyone to duplicate in-game. The edits/commands/buttons for higher FOV and switching perspective I can assume are purposeful features from TB and as such can’t be considered exploits. They’re just shitty players who’ll force you to join another server in the end.

    Personally I think the game should have limited itself to 1st person and 1st person ONLY from the start, but that’s just me.

    *Exploit = In video games, an exploit (colloquially sploit) is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers. ~Wikipedia

  • Sidenote: Pls fix autobalance.

  • Naming and shaming is against forum rules. Thread will be closed.

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