Trouble Starting a Server.

  • Hi, as the title states I’m having some trouble getting a server started. I’ve been looking over these forums, and the internet at large, for a hours now and can’t seem to get it sorted.

    I’ve followed multiple guides, be they written, video or otherwise. All giving similar instructions and have followed them to the best of my ability.

    I have:

    • Downloaded the “DW Dedicated Server” from Steam.
    • Made a “CDWLogging.exe” shortcut and edited the target line appropriately.
    • Made my changes to the “PCServer-CDWGame.ini”. (server name, server password, server MOTD, admin password)
    • Opened ports. (27015, 7777, 7778)

    With all of this done, I double-click my “CDWLogging.exe” shortcut to start it up. About 3 seconds later, the CMD window for CDW opens and starts running it’s lines of text.

    It gets to “Steam Game Server UID: 90085959999029249”. Which is, from what I can tell, supposed to be the last line of text… after the appearance of which, the server runs.

    However, mine continues on. Multiple lines of “DevOnline: Advertising:” and multiple lines of “DevGarbage” start appearing. On a cycle. They don’t stop appearing. Every few seconds it’s like someone hits the refresh button and new lines of copy / pasted text show up.

    Not only that, but the server doesn’t appear on the server browser and I can’t join it through the console.
    I’m not sure what my next step should be.

    If anyone has any advice to offer, or a solution to whatever this problem may be, I’d highly appreciate it.
    (I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section, by the way)

    Thanks in advance.


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