Game Crashing on Startup

  • Game crashes on startup.
    Tried verifying integrity of game cache and reinstalling.
    Tried deleting the config file and reacquiring it.
    Please help.

  • maybe just try uninstalling

  • Anyone has anything helpful?

  • Try downloading newest drivers?

    Dunno, maybe it will help :s

  • Make sure you do a clean uninstall of Chiv. By this I mean to manually go into your hard drive, steam folder and delete all left over Chivalry files. There will be quite a few in both your Steam folder and: C:\Users\Your computer name\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare.

    Next will be drivers. Make sure that all your drivers are up to date. The best free way is Iobit’s Driver Booster: Download, install, run. Then it will find all out dated drivers and update them. It will create a restore point prior to installation of drivers that way if there is one that fails, you can do a system restore. You may find that there are many drivers outdated, many of these include processor drivers and the like. Once it has completed and rebooted. Test to see if there are any problems. If not you can uninstall Driver booster. Just make sure when you uninstall you read the uninstaller as it will want to INSTALL one of their bigger products, Advanced system care.

    Advanced System Care is a great free program if you want to use it but it tends to have lots of popups to get you to buy the program. You can of course install and run ASC and let it fix registry errors and things, it also has a game booster that I use that kills all background applications. It is the base for Razor’s game booster. It also has a very nice hard drive defragger. Anyway I leave this one up to you to decide if it is worth the time and effort for your situation.

    If you dont use ASC, get CCleaner and run it. It is a small program that cleans your system and fixes registry errors. Again you can uninstall it if you want.

    Next. Defrag your hard drive/s. After Chiv is uninstalled and your drivers are updated. Do a manual defrag of your hard drive. This is important as this will arrange the data on your drive and actually clean your free space.

    Now comes the most important part. You need to do a clean uninstall of your video card drivers and reinstall them and not through Driver Booster. Video card drivers are notorious for leaving lots of files behind and is probably the most single reason why games crash or run poorly.

    1. First go to your actual GPU manufacturer’ s site and get the latest updated drivers. So instead of going to Nvidia or AMD, go to EVGA Saffire or what ever company made the card. They will have very specific drivers for their design builds. Down load that driver.
    2. Download Driver sweeper. This will remove all video card drivers that are on your system. It will require a reboot and your screen will have the basic windows drivers running so it may look weird. No worries.
    3. Install the latest drivers that you previously downloaded. Follow the instructions and reboot.

    Finally. Download and install Chivalry and enjoy.

    The above will make all games and your entire system run better.

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