Missing Extubal?

  • well my freind is having a bit of trouble everytime he tries to start chivarly medievil warefare up it says missing extubal sooo we tried veryfying game cache and also he reinstalled it (any one)

  • Doing a quick Google search has yielded only a few results. From what I’ve gathered, try restarting Steam.

    Is it possible your friend doesn’t own Chivalry and he’s just trying to run leftover data from last free weekend? Same applies to trying to launch Deadliest Warrior.

    It might also be worth it to try manually updating the required frameworks.
    Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare_CommonRedist

  • Does he actually own the game or did he get it in a free weekend or something? That’s what other people had done when they got this missing extubal issue.

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