Progression System

  • I don’t want to see any sort of stat improvements of progression, but I think some kind of progression system, beyond weapon unlocks, would draw people to the game. I love the game. It’s great. But people love grinding stuff out, and adding a progression system seems easy enough, and beneficial for the game.

    I’d see it as some sort of persistent soldier. As you complete challenges, get kills, take objectives, etc. you could perhaps gain accolades that you could then add to your costume so people could see what a baller you are. Badges or accents on armor. Perhaps a necklace of ears. Things to pin to your shield. Maybe titles - “peasant” “squire” etc.

    Just a thought as to help in getting people playing and sticking too the game. Aside from that, I’d love a persistent stat system. I want to see what my lifetime k/d is. My win %. My stats with each class.

    I know the studio is small, and I love the game. Just a thought.

  • people really do like showing off, so being able to get some kind of equips showing you’ve earned it, is an excellent idea. But they do already have rank, so I’m not sure if they would want to add something like this to the game. It would be a lot of unnecessary work. But I would like for this to be put into effect.

  • The team originally wanted to do a lot more with cosmetic progression and customization - I remember a lot of talk about it early on in development - but in the end their art team just wasn’t sufficient to make a lot of cosmetic assets. You’ve probably noticed some of the current gameplay assets are still placeholders, such as the filthy peasant royalty - so there’s definitely a lot to get done before any more talks of future cosmetics. There will be at least one unlockable helmet in the near future, though.

  • Well that’s sad :( I have no art skills, but maybe the community could help? Once the game gets going a bit perhaps a community art contest for unlockables like that? The devs could easily release the textures and let people produce some stuff, vote on it - Or maybe even steam workshop?

    This game is just so great, I think if we leverage the community correctly we can get some help for the devs, and once they grow, who knows, maybe they’ll be able to hire some of the community artists.

    I think once clan support is implemented, making custom clan banners or clan shield emblems would be super great.

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