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  • I’m back after a long hiatus and a busy semester of school and hope to get back into playing the game. What did I miss? Are there any crazy changes that have happened recently? I know there were talks of optimization when I stopped playing but it seems like I’m still having problems playing for a long time while most other games are fine.

    Also noticed that Lemon now has over 9,000 posts. This was something I anticipated in the past and am honored to be alive to see this great saiyan come of age. You guys made jokes about that right?

  • @Karasu:

    You guys made jokes about that right?

    Apparently his twitter is able to post directly to the forum.

    Not many big changes lately, Halloween horde mode was fun, some general bug fixes since then.

    They are working on some new project, people hoping it is CMW2 with all the features Slasher is designing for (Slasher coming 2017).

    Some more custom maps being tested, probably coming in the spring.

  • All of these things are coming, as TBS puts it, “soon”

  • crushed and i made a bunch of models for chivalry

    also slasher hype is stronger than ever

  • Game is more spin2win than it ever has been.

  • Well after two games in a row with magic glowing MaA and his army of blue hatless minions causing the spawns to break and the fps to dive, I played some DW. Was fun. for a bit…

  • @Rickvs:

    Game is more spin2win than it ever has been.

    It’s so annoying, it’s at least one backswing/enemy nowadays.

  • Greg’s still jelly.

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