In-Game Uniform/Weapon Reset & Veteran Helmet Bug

  • In-game Uniform & Weapon Reset

    These two bugs seem to co-exist with one another along with other bugs that fall on the 360 version of CMW.
    As I have played this game for a few months now; I have noticed that my uniform(also veteran helmet), level, and weapons will all reset when joining into a game or as the map rotates. This will often return to normal after the completion of the match or a leave of the game. While the weapons are reseted; If managed to get a kill with the starting weapon of a certain class, it will unlock up to what has already been unlocked for that weapon class.
    I’m not quite sure if this is due the host’s poor latency or the game itself.
    As this isn’t a serious bug in my opinion besides the weapon reset with a higher priority, I am not entirely sure if the exp(score) is added with the overall rank that is your own when the level is resetted in-game.

    Veteran Helmet Locked out

    Now to change over from the random reset to the bugged(locked out) veteran helmets.
    Just within the past week when I logged on I noticed a reset of my customization done to my characters. While I can redo my colors and uniform however, I can not wear any of the veteran helmet as I once was able to wear. “All” helmets are locked and requires me to unlock all weapons from that character class.
    This bug does seem semi-permanent until a patch/update comes out.

  • Yup just made post too about my veteran helmets not being unlocked although I have every single thing unlocked. This is the most stupid thing I have ever witnessed on a game. If they are waiting to get attention about it that might be why this game isn’t that popular. Never I mean I should at least get the dlc helmet for free then since I wasted my time unlocking everything for ‘the helmet’ isn’t that the goal of each class? Besides having fun… Which is hard with this BS. Now I know they are probably aware and working on the problem tho.

  • Same, i’ve unlocked all the veteren helmets but this game chooses to insist otherwise, and also with the uniform being reset thing, im pretty sure it only occurs when you join someones game from xbox home or anywhere outside of chivalry.

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