Mass Multiplayer? 32 vs 32 or even bigger?

  • I have not bought this game yet, because I think it is not Chaotic enough, 16 vs 16 battle is not really a big battlefield. I currently play Battlefield 3 on PC, the concept of 32 vs 32 is really great, a lot of action on the map, if Chivalry: Medieval Warfare can do 32 vs 32, it will be whole lot bigger.

  • The maps are really too small to put that many people on it, maybe if they make bigger maps they could consider it.
    I recommened buying the game, it’s chaotic enough for me with only 16v16. But if that’s not enough for you, you can do free for all.

  • 64 player servers aren’t officially supported, but they work and are fairly stable. There’s going to be an official 64 player test server soon, and hopefully if the test server goes well they can update the game info to officially support up to 64 players.

  • I played recently on it, well it was laagy, my FPS dropped also a bit and the Team Mission Maps are obviously not for 64 players :P

  • It’s already quite laggy at times I don’t think more players would be a good idea…but it would be awesome if CMW could handle as many players as M&B…

  • C:MW will never handle as many as a game like M&B can. Engine isn’t designed for it.


    Wait for custom maps.

    This game, unlike a game like WoTR or BF3, can have custom maps…and expect people to make alot of em’.

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