[GUIDE] How to play with your weapon skins

  • Hello everyone, here is a short guide on how to get your weapon skins ingame so you can play with them against bots. There already is a guide on how to get your models in the editor and pose with them, but this is a bit more complicated then that.

    This guide does not cover everything from scratch, I already included a mod template of my own so alot of the work is already done here.

    So first of all, download the WeaponModTemplate.zip in the attachment of this post and unpack it.

    Put the ChivAdv folder here


    Put the SDK -Launch Weapon Mod bat here

    Now, go to **chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKGame\Config** and open UDKSDK.ini
    ModPackages line needs to look like this: **ModPackages=ChivAdv**
    Save it and close
    Now we want to replace the actual weapon model. To do this we will need the weapon & weaponattachment class of the weapon we want. Go to **chivalrymedievalwarfare\Development\Src\AOC\classes** and select the weapon & weaponattachment of the weapon you want. For this example, we will take the Maul.
    So I select AOCWeapon_Maul & AOCWeaponAttachment_Maul and copy it into
    **Now, first thing we do is rename both files and replace the AOC with ChivAdv. Now open the ChivAdvWeapon file with notepad/texteditor. First thing we have to do is extend from the original AOC class so the new one will get loaded.
    So change this line
    **class AOCWeapon_Maul extends AOCMeleeWeapon;**
    to this
    **class ChivAdvWeapon_Maul extends AOCWeapon_Maul;**
    remember this is just the maul example, obviously it will look different in the other weapon class files.
    The next thing we do is tell this class file to use the new weaponattachment class
    So change this line
    to this
    Now save and close the ChivAdvWeapon_ class and open the ChivAdvWeaponAttachment file. Here again, change this line
    **class AOCWeaponAttachment_Maul extends AOCWeaponAttachment;**
    to this
    **class ChivAdvWeaponAttachment_Maul extends** **AOCWeaponAttachment_Maul****;
    **Now we want to replace the skeletal mesh. For this you need to know your weapons package name & skeletal mesh name. So for this example we will use ExamplePackage.Wep_ExampleMaul
    Find these lines
    and replace ALL of them to make sure, usually its around 3 but sometimes 4 so it looks like this
    Now we need to assign the new weapon class in this weaponattachment class so find this line
    **and change to
    **Save and close the whole thing. Now we need to assign the weapon to the characters. In our example, its the knight so open these two
    **and assign the new weapon so change this line in both
    **Save and close
    Now, put your weapon package into **chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKGame\ContentSDK** and go to the chivalrymedievalwarfare folder and run the SDK - BUILD_SCRIPTS bat. This will put a ChivAdv.u in your contentSDK when finished, you will get a few warnings but thats normal. If you get the red errors, it means you did something wrong.
    Now, if everything worked, start the SDK -Launch Weapon Mod bat and it should start chivalry and put you into FFA arena and when you select the weapon you replaced it should be there. You can replace as many weapons as you want with the above guidelines. The mod has loaded when you see a yellow welcome message in chat
    You can update your package without having to rebuild the scripts. If you want to add a new weapon you have to delete the old ChivAdv.u and rebuild scripts. If you have problems let me know.
    Some problems i encountered:
    Weapon dissapeared ingame? Recheck your skeletal mesh/package names. Check if your package is in contentSDK.
    Weapon didnt get replaced? Check if you are using the right Weapon/WeaponAttachment class by typing showdebug into console.
    Weapon isnt in the correct position in the hands? Check your model coordinates before exporting it. Check coordinates in the skeletal mesh in UDK
    Build scripts gives you errors you cant solve? post here.
    I hope there are some people who can use this guide to show off their skins a bit better, like I did with my showcase videos.
    If anyone has suggestions for improvements or has problems with this let me know in this thread
    Enjoy! :encouragement: I'd appreciate it if you give me some props if this helped you!
    Heres a guide from torn banner how to add helmets ingame via mod

  • I think this should be in general SDK chat, perhaps a mod could move it ?

  • Nice guide!

    Do you think it is possible to add all kind of custom weapons ingame e.g 3 different Mauls and accessible via kismet?
    I am thinking of a “showroom” map for custom weapons, helmets… choose, try and maybe buy any weapon.^^

  • absolutely

    you can add the weapon classes and then add triggers that change loadout to that weapon via kismet

  • Should probably also rename the thread to something like: “How to test your custom weapon skins.”, so people don’t assume they can actually use them for online play.

    Very handy mod btw. love it!

  • can confirm it works good

  • Anyway to dick around with other people’s works using this method? Was looking to take some pics of some other fine works ;’)

  • The only way would be to contact them and ask for the udk package for their skin, otherwise you have to wait for torn banner to officially implement them into the game

  • Hello! Im not sure, but I think i found error in this tutorial.
    That’s in the tutorial, and I have problems to loaded the sword

    So change this line

    class AOCWeapon_Maul extends AOCMeleeWeapon;

    to this

    class ChivAdvWeapon_Maul extends AOCWeapon_Maul;

    I did like this, and the sword loaded normally

    So change this line

    class AOCWeapon_Maul extends AOCMeleeWeapon;

    to this

    class ChivAdvWeapon_Maul extends AOCWeapon;

  • Maul is just an example,you should replace it with your sword class names


    Maul is just an example,you should replace it with your sword class names

    I understand this, look at line 2 in the examples.

  • I receive the following error when I’m trying to import my crossbow. What can cause this issue?

  • Go into the files and delete all lines with loginternal in it

  • I think logalways is the one you can use in mods.

  • you dont need that, i always removed them and it worked fine

    its just a debug thing

  • Hey, thanks for this tutorial. However, I receive this error when trying to build scripts:

  • Thanks for this tutorial! However, I keep getting this error when I try to build the scripts:

  • The mod is broken since the latest patch, I’ve already pinged Crushed about it.

  • open ChivAdvPawn in \Development\Src\ChivAdv\include with texteditor

    find the line: if (!StateVariables.bCanHealthRegen || bIsBurning || StateVariables.bIsSprinting)

    and replace it with

    if (!bCanHealthRegen || bIsBurning || StateVariables.bIsSprinting)

    save, and try to build, this solves it

  • Worked! thanks crush!

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