CMW Christmas montage 2014 !

  • Hey evryone ! I hope that you’ve all spend some good holydays. During the vancancy, I’ve created this video. The christmas hat inspired me ! XD I know, we are now January 13 and i’m late to post that kind of video but Youtube seems to had some uploading problems these days. It tooks me 3 complete days to upload the video and I’ve busted my internet limit for this. I hope they will fix the issue prety soon cause I got more videos to plug and i’m limited to 1 vid / month due to this problematic … Anyway.

    Here is the link. Feel free to take a look and thanks for watching ! :)

  • You need to fix your url man, it tries to open within steam. Thought you were trying to send a virus at first lol. Use the url:

  • Oh ! Terribly sorry for the inconvinience. No, I’m not that kind of hacker and virus maker for sure. haha.
    Thanks for the reply AmishInsurgent. I realy appreciate. It’s weird cause i’ve simply copy and paste the link so I’d assume that link was ok. The one that you’ve post is good.

    thanks again ! :)

  • I’ve also change my signature URL since it does the same prob. Now everything should be fine.

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