Why are so many TO maps broken now?

  • I’m talking about Darkforest, Stoneshill, even Hillside.

    I’ve only tested these in 2 different unofficial servers, which are the only ones available in my area, btw.

    • Darkforest: (1st objective) Corpse cart appears but players can’t push it.

    • Stoneshill: (2nd objective) The ram is closed behind gates. If players manage to get it out, some ppl may not actually see the damn thing.

    • Hillside: (1st objective) you can literally glitch-jump the wall that divices the 1st and 2nd objectives, you’ll teleport to a boat for a few frames then go through the wall.

    • There’s also all those sky jump glitches when walking near some stones in Moor.

    • Sometimes a TO map will load with all the map markers at once. You can tell at once the map will be broken.

    What the hell? The game was working fine before TB removed Xmas Moor/hats.

  • because TBS is focusing on making money and adding new content rather than fixing and balancing existing content

  • It’s probably server related, cause a dude who didn’t update the server had a perfectly working moor.

  • As far as I can tell any map you play after ffa-moor will be broken. Requires a server reboot. I don’t think any of the other maps are actually bugged themselves… they work fine to start with.

  • Also people are getting invisible, this never happened to me before (I was on a almost full 32 player server in Darkforest LTS). TB I’m afraid your game is now Fubar, you guys better do something

  • i just played 3 maps, no problems


  • Played several TDM games last night and had problems mostly in Dark Forest Valley. The night before last, I played FFA and Hillside Pyre was borked.

  • ah yeah just played on darkforest and stoneshill and both maps were completely broken

    cart desynced/no collision & not moving, stoneshill houses already burned, stoneshill ram invisible

  • Should be fixed in an upcoming patch. Unofficially there will -likely- be a beta at the end of the week.

  • Yeah Darkforest: the cart’s model stays there, no objective shows up, the cart pushes but it’s invisible.
    Stoneshill: Normal/Burned house textures showing up at the same time. Probably the ram’s got the same bug as the the DF’s cart but once it worked.
    Cove: (but might not be only on that map): People keep getting invisible, using balistas makes you go back to the spawn area. Negative Dimension shit going on her.
    Moor: the rock at the center close to the lake, the catapult at agatha spawn, the trees on mason spawn in the middle, and some other trees. The whole map is kinda messed up.
    Also when this bugs occur sometimes relogging makes the desync go away, sometimes it doesn’t.

    That christmas hat’s physics ruined the game. GG TB. :rolleyes-new:

  • These issues are being caused by a mismatch of server vs client map information. It will be fixed in the next upcoming patch, please bare with us.

  • @DaGGyzo:

    These issues are being caused by a mismatch of server vs client map information. It will be fixed in the next upcoming patch, please bare with us.

    You won’t be getting any nudes of me, thank you very much

    bear with us*

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