Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Mac and Linux Port Testing!

  • Update 1

    • Linux+Mac: Full screen graphical corruption when selecting some settings - particularly, turning on depth of field but bloom off.
    • Linux+Mac: Graphical corruption of lightmaps in some instances
    • Linux only: Fixed cloth (mostly flags) stretching to infinity
    • Linux only: implemented stereo positional audio. This was not supported by SDL for 32-bit float audio streams, which we use; an implementation was written, though it’s a bit too “simple” it should still help with stereo positioning


    Hi everyone, we’d like to get your help in testing Chivalry for Linux and Mac OS X.

    Everyone who owns Chivalry should now have access to the Linux and OS X versions. Currently you will need to switch to a Beta branch to access this, the “linuxtesting” branch (for both OS X and Linux).

    To access the port testing beta from the Desktop Steam client, right-click on Chivalry in the library, click Properties, click on the BETAS tab, and choose linuxtesting from the drop-down.

    From Big Picture, open up Chivalry’s page in the Library, move left to “Links & More”, and down to “Select Beta…”; open this, choose “Ports testing (Linux+Mac)” from the drop-down, and choose OK.

    If you can’t see the branch, you may need to restart Steam first.

    The Linux and Mac OS X builds should run without any additional dependencies required so long as you have Steam installed. Steam should include all the necessary libraries.

    Performance on Linux should be roughly what it is on Windows for the same hardware, with potentially up to a 10% difference or so. OS X should be similar. Performance differences are going to come from differences between UE’s renderers, and between OpenGL drivers.

    We don’t have much in the way of Mac hardware, so any performance reports we can get would be helpful, especially if you can compare performance to the game running natively in Windows, but even if not. Comparisons on Linux would also be really helpful.

    Please post any bug reports, performance reports, or other feedback to:
    Mac OS X:

  • Is this client only or the server will be available on linux also?

  • Developer


    Is this client only or the server will be available on linux also?

    The server is also available. Server thread:

  • i get zero files doing this. getting the famous “missing executable” message and no files in.
    successfully selected the beta branch and tried couple of steam restarts to make sure its synced up with files… still nothing

    maybe you are missing some of the subs?
    i bought the game very long ago…and i dont remember even from where i bought it… i think it was from steam though…but not sure
    i got no deadly warrior dlc yet… but planning to buy if the linux support is working :)

  • sorry for doublepost but i think i found out whats the problem

    windows depot has more subs attached:

    than linux depot:

    so those who have bought the game different ways dont get the files .

  • Developer

    The 4-pack package and a couple other packages didn’t have the Linux and OS X depots. That should be corrected now. Thanks for bringing that up

  • superb. it downloads files now after you added subs for those packages…that was fast :)

    thank you!

    let the testing begin!

  • Brilliant, will start testing the mac version asap.

  • Apologies, wrong topic.

  • @CrustaceanSoup:
    Hi. I have a problem. I own a 2012 MacBook Pro with a 2.5 GHz Intel core i5 and my memory is a 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.
    When I start up the game (Not the beta) This happens: ![](file:///Users/yalerichardson/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202015-05-29%20at%2011.22.45%20AM.png)

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