How do you play a sound when the feint window ends?

  • It doesn’t have to be a sound, just something that lets me know when the feint window has ended so that I can get used to parrying as late as possible. I know there’s a function for when the feint window ends and something like bcanfeint that is false once the feint window has ended. I’ve tried different things with these but I have had no success.

    By the way, I don’t have much modding experience. I’m just searching for a way to read feints. I also want to know if I even have the reaction time to read certain feints. Getting the timing right would be useless if I didn’t have the required reaction time.

  • Doesn’t the grunt start playing as soon as it’s over? :L

  • @Xylvion:

    Doesn’t the grunt start playing as soon as it’s over? :L

    Yes but it’s way too unreliable. I see the grunt clearly happening when the weapon has been in release for a little while a lot of the time. Sometimes the grunt doesn’t even work.

    From what I’ve read, something like a repetitive sound in games is usually set as unreliable. Grunts being unreliable is fine as long as you’re not using them to read feints.

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