The "Knights of Chaos" have begun there conquest!

  • Join our Xbox360 clan and decide whether the decisions you come to make lead you to glory. Those of you who join us shall rise in the leader board ranks. While those of you who stand against us shall burn in the fires of our destruction. Let me make you worthy of greatness with the power you posses. For the age of Chaos has just begun!
    My gamer tag: General Firefly

  • PhAgatha nights challenge your team I’ll send my abassadors to talk to you on Xbox Live

  • This post is deleted!

  • I accept your challenge. The Knights of Chaos await for your clans arrival. Also make sure your “Abassador” tells me he’s a Phagatha night because after posting this thread I got several other clan battle requests so I won’t know it’s you unless you tell me, thanks.

  • Oh Brave Knights I Wish To Join Thee on Thy Mighty Quest For Domination On The Battlefield. I Will Send My Ambassadors Forth To Thy Castle In The Kingdom Of XBOX LIVE.

  • Ah where ya at we on every day ya ya making me think ya full of poop and have no clan of scared

  • I remember accepting your challenge then sending you a message over Xbox. You asked for for a battle I said fine. After that you buggered off for some reason while I patiently waited for a message saying when you wanted to do it. You can’t just challenge me then make it my job to do everything. Plan a time that’s convenient then message me. But don’t you dare tell me my clans false when your the one who wasn’t communicating. Don’t reply on this comment with some witty remark. Just clan battle us, or don’t.

  • Phagatha night fought the Knights of chaos today and got decimated after all that trash talk.

  • wow so I turn on my xbox and then you say let’s do this right now and I had six people you had four then you and you won fair and square on your terms we didn’t b**** and then you got a buncha assholes sending message then say don’t talk s*** on the forum dude f*** this forum nobody reads this get a lifeand next time you don’t have six tuff s*** you think you’re hot s*** you don’t even have a full squad in or do you share the same coat of arms some clan then ya play two game and got to go… hahahahaha… in conclusion y’all clan blows… all 4 of ya

  • Console gaming sucks.
    There, now you can all be mad at me instead of eachother.

  • shut your cock holster console game in the only true level playing field everybody knows that

  • Let me just say right now that cursing on the forums and badmouthing others with a serious lack of punctuation is not a way to gain credibility.

  • Medleylmt, It’s silly to be angry because that message you replied to was 3 days before our clan battle. Your clan put up a noble fight and lost. But I didn’t send that message on the forum after the fight. I’m also not going to take credit for the trash talk my clan members said to you afterwards. You and your clan are pretty cool but make sure you get all the facts (especially the date of the message) before you go on an angry rant… I wouldn’t trash your clan now or ever. Same goes to anyone else that wants to challenge The Knights of Chaos.

  • I want to fight you one on one firefly. It seems you need to lose a game from a person that knows what their doing. Just an FYI the leader board ranks are nothing but total playtime. Don’t think your good because your level $%^. Think your good because of the skill you possess

  • To medleymelody….W4R-WOLV3S wanne fight ur team!!! no bla bla let us know!!!

  • Since we played and beat you bad you have done nothing but make excuse after excuse you were the host what does it matter if we have 4 players or six we beat u twice. Yea we left after beating u cause we r not gonna play ur clan all day until u finally win 1 round we have better things to do then play u guys all day we said we will play u again today in a team objective on ur terms once again but this time where r u at. Your a cheater too in the middle of our clan fight u have people joining the match switching players on ur team u start with 4 people u finish the match with the same 4 people there is no substitutions. U want a 6 on six we will give u a six on six.after that I don’t want to hear ur excuses and mouth. We beat u twice already and we will do it again

  • Medley general has nothing to do with what I’ve said to u. Ur a big boy if I say something to u come and talk to me and not to someone that has nothing to do with our argument and general I’m sorry that he’s coming to u and ranting about an argument between us bc he’s not man enough to talk to me.once again general and nothing to do with what I say if ur angry talk to me not to someone who has nothing to do with it. We beat u ur mad get over it

  • i think its more trash talk then fighting on the xbox lol

  • to medleymelody W4R-WOLV3S wants to do clanfight let me know FLYIN6DUTCHM4N leader of W4R-WOLV3S

  • I take great pleasure in the Chaos that spews from this thread. Let the hatred revel within you all; our clan feeds off it. Only then will you truly understand our power… But those of you who stand in our way will burn to the ground and be cast aside, The Knights of Chaos and the Kings of the free Orders will soon have total domination. One clan at a time… So let me leave you all with some advice. Join us while you still can for the age of Chaos has just begun, and nothing will stop us!

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