AMAZING GAME! Few suggestions

  • This game is soooo great! I had a lot of fun playing last night and couldn’t stop. Even when we were getting gang raped by the Dev team. haha It was still a lot of fun.

    In my opinion to make this game perfect, would be to work on the archery and ranged weapons a bit more. - The sounds for hand to hand combat are amazing but the sounds for wizzing arrows and pulling back the bow (Creaking of the wood and rope) and shooting the arrows are not as good. If you make the range weapon system a bit more like Mount and blade this game would be absolutely perfect. I am also not sure if I like the wizzing effects of the arrows and range weapons. I think I like just seeing the arrow or axe fly through the air with a loud noise by that is my preference and not everyone’s.

    I’m not sure what your plans are for the future of this game but if you add some customization it would be awesome too. I don’t absolutely need to have it but it would add a nice bonus to the game.

    Such a fun game! Great work!

  • More customization in the form of helmets will probably happen down the line - so far Veteran Helmets are confirmed, unlockable by unlocking all weapons from one class. Emblem customization is another possibility, as it was one of the Kickstarter stretch goals that was nearly achieved, but if it does happen it won’t be any time soon - lots to get done.

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