Duel stats

  • I tried some duel servers recently (never been there for ages), and I noticed something strange.
    Duel stats seems to be really fucked up. First connection on a duel server, I got something like 970 won duels,
    and at the end of the game, ended up with the same amount even if i actually won some duels.
    1h duelling = no victory added whatsoever. Defeats seem to be alright though.
    And stats still show up as it pleases them. Sometimes it’s 0/500, sometimes it’s 0/0, sometimes 900/0.

    It’s a shame TB never implemented actual stats, for each weapon, in different maps, teams etc… But the few numbers we got are actually fucked up ? Come on…

  • Stats are definitely screwed up, they tried to fix it before and failed miserably….

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