CMW In Depth Customization Idea?

  • It would be pretty cool if there was a gear system in this game and customizable gear. For example, When you first start out as a lvl 0 you will be a raw recruit with the standard armor. As you progress and lvl up you can unlock new pieces of armour and helmets. Or even introduce a challenge system and if you complete that challenge you can unlock a certain piece of gear that corresponds with the challenge. Adding on to that, you should be able to go more in depth with colors. Not too crazy, but make your new pieces of armour look like you want it to. Also I think a system like this in which you progress to unlock new armour will be beneficial to the community and to new players because it would motivate you to work harder to unlock gear. Also making more engaging to the player, which means more players. This is just an idea.

  • Chivalry: War of the Customizations.

  • It would have to be cosmetic only. The other problem would be is that TB is already selling armor sets and getting gud money. Why give away armor if no gud money?

  • The character models are also built wrong for this sort of things. It would require a hell of a lot of work. Sort of total war style.

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