Have to reset keybinds every game to talk…

  • I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but no one else I’ve spoken to seems to have this problem. I’m thinking that I’ve set something wrong in the options or something else on my end to cause this.

    My problem is that when I press “Y” to chat with everyone, it opens up this black and green box instead of opening up the All chat box to type (look at the picture below). I have to go to my Keybindings and hit reset every time a new game starts to talk normally, otherwise it opens this up again and not allowing me to All chat. When I type in the box, it talks to my team. When I press T, it opens up the normal Team chat. So, for some reason, I have two buttons for team chat until I reset my keybindings every game.

    My second issue is that when I first opened the game up, I set my keybind for chat to Enter. When I got into a game, pressing Enter did nothing. Why doesn’t chat work when I keybind it to Enter (don’t think it will matter though if I have to reset my keybindings every game due to my first problem)?

  • Are you sure you’re saving you key bindings? I had a similar situation, but I eventually realized there is a Save option in the key bindings page.

  • The first issue I’ve never seen before, so I can’t comment on that.

    Certain keys not functioning as binds is a known issue, however, and being worked on.

  • Alright, I got it fixed. Apparently my All Chat was still set to Enter for some reason (even though I reset it multiple times). I might not have been hitting save, I’m not sure, but it’s working all good now. :)

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