Interior Lighting

  • I’m adding some interior to my map. The problem: it is lit as exterior, meaning that the floor is lit by sunlight and some objects from the ceiling even cast shadows.

    The light should only come from the point lights I place in there.

    The map has a DominantDirectionalLight. I tested a bit with the lightmass volue without luck.

    The interior are is a seperate area from the rest of the map. What might come in handy is a way to define that the global lighting doesn’t apply there or is there an other solution?

  • screenshots would be nice

    make sure the meshes you are using block light from both sides

  • So if the ceiling is not blocking the light I put just a big platform on top of it. That got rid of the shadows.

    To get rid of the brightness I set the following in world props:
    Object.Lightmass.LightmassSettings.bEnableAdvancedEnvironmentColor True
    Object.Lightmass.LightmassSettings.NumIndirectLightingBounces 2

    0 Bounces would make it completly dark but with 2 it is already way darker and doesn’t seem to affect the rest of the map.

    Thanks for your answer.

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